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     Unfortunately, it will be slightly more difficult for school districts in our state to purchase iOS devices.  The Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services was unable to come to an amicable agreement with Apple and secure an EPL (Express Products List).  This is having an impact state-wide; not just in the Education sector.  Unfortunately, this means that you will need to work closely with your bookkeeper and the Business Department at Central Services to get any Apple products for your classroom or school.  These purchases will likely be small, localized and limited due to current policies and procedures pertaining to purchasing.  Fingers crossed that Apple and our state government will not give up on working towards a solution. 

     In the meantime, our district will be focusing on u...

iPad Solutions in the Classroom

An iPad can be a useful tool for teachers! We know students can learn and create great projects utilizing apps on these devices. Did you know it can be used as a mobile presentation tool that allows you to walk around your classroom while utilizing your interactive whiteboard?

Doceri 29.99

Get out from behind the computer podium. Access your pedagogical materials remotely while you move among your students to wirelessly present your lessons.

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Reflector Director 6.99

Reflector Director is a companion application for Reflector 2. Reflector Director allows you to remotely manage devices connected to Reflector 2. Easily show and hide devices, emphasize screens, enable full screen mode or change device frames all while away from your computer. Step away from Reflector 2, and allow mirrored content to be the focus. T...

So, we are gearing up for the Summer Symposium at Hernando Middle June 2 & 3!  Our department has compiled a list of apps that you guys are going to love!  I'll be uploading that information as the date gets closer.  In the meantime, check out these two cool apps I stumbled on over the Memorial Day holiday.  Word Up Dog & Thinglink.  Can't wait to see your beach pics!  Have a great summer while some of us work....:)


Word Up Dog on iTunes

Dig your way to phonemic awareness and spelling.



ThingLink on iTunes

Make images interactive media sensations!



Credits:, Word Up Dog

Welcome to our very first video blog!  Get ready for some serious technology reviews!  We search high & low for apps that will support what you are teaching in your classrooms.  

This week's focus is on Pick-a-Path Math, an app for grades 3-7.  
There's a version for iOs, Android, and a web-based game on the NCTM website.  
SHOUT OUT to Hope Gregory for requesting this app!

Pick-A-Path Web-Based Game:  (*great for demonstrating on your IWB!)
Pick-A-Path Instructional Guide 
Download it on iTunes or Google Play!  (*for cart installation, call your CTC)



NCTM Illuminations Resources for Teaching Math Website


Credits:  Pick-A-Pack, NCTM, Vimeo


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