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Socrative Upgrade!

According to the Socrative Team: A company called Master Connect has recently acquired Socrative. They are saying that it will still be free, but will go through a 2.0 Upgrade This Weekend! On Saturday July 12th, if you have an account, your account will be updated to our amazing Socrative 2.0. It will be a seamless changeover of all your quizzes, reports, credentials and apps. We are so excited to have everyone enjoying Socrative 2.0 for the school year!

2.0 Support Materials Migration FAQ - All your upgrade questions answered User Guide - Download, email, print and share How-to Videos - Watch and learn on your own time New Interface, Same Socrative Reliability and Ease of Use! Many added features include:

  • Student Navigation within Quizzes

  • Google Drive Integration

  • Common Core Tagging

  • Individual Student Reports

  • Printable Quizzes

  • Real-Time Results Views

  • ...and much more!

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