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Purchasing Limitations on Apple Products

Unfortunately, it will be slightly more difficult for school districts in our state to purchase iOS devices. The Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services was unable to come to an amicable agreement with Apple and secure an EPL (Express Products List). This is having an impact state-wide; not just in the Education sector. Unfortunately, this means that you will need to work closely with your bookkeeper and the Business Department at Central Services to get any Apple products for your classroom or school. These purchases will likely be small, localized and limited due to current policies and procedures pertaining to purchasing. Fingers crossed that Apple and our state government will not give up on working towards a solution.

In the meantime, our district will be focusing on upgrading the computers in our schools. This much needed upgrade in Windows Desktops and Lenovo laptops will keep our students and teachers current with the state of technology in the classroom. Please be patient as computers and operating systems are upgraded as we play catch up with computers that are several years out of date.

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