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Social Studies

Instructional Websites & Games

These resources are grouped by subject area and not by grade.  DCSD is not responsible for content on pages in the links below.  Many of these resources are great for introducing new skills and concepts to younger students, while older students will benefit from reviewing concepts.









ABC Order

Beginning Sounds

Blending/Segmenting Sounds

Deleting Sounds

Ending Sounds

Manipulating Sentences

Manipulating Sounds


Upper and Lower Case Matching

Vowel Focus



Basic Code/Nonsense Words

Advanced Code





Read & Listen


Jokes & Riddles

Listen to a Story

Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives

Prefixes & Suffixes


Sentence Construction

Synonyms & Antonyms



Vocabulary Words





Tech Skills & Creativity


The Arts


Business & Marketing
World Languages & Cultural Appreciation
STEM Tools


Games by ELA Skill
Games by Math Skill
Social Studies
Teacher & Student Tools
  • Animoto - This intuituve and powerful web-based application provides basic but impressive multimedia features. Animoto offers music and professional-looking special effects to add to your photos and text. Students can sign up for a free account
    and access Animoto from any Mac or PC with an Internet connection.

  • Beenpod - Help students surf productively with curated bookmarks, notes

  • Canva - Create snazzy designs in seconds with flexible, cloud-based tool

  • Collaborize Classroom - makes it possible for students to collaborate and engage in real world problem solving through conversation and online activities

  • Comic Life - With this program, students can easily tell their stories through their own comics. This program works on all platforms and is relatively inexpensive. For a quick
    project, a 30 day free trial is available.

  • Digital Vaults - This new tool from the National Archives allows students to create their own accounts and then build a story using digital resources directly from the National Archives. They can search through historical collections and even build their own collections of resources. Each image contains historical information that can be
    added as captions. The movie making tool includes soundtrack options as well as
    basic editing functions. With a free login account, students can save their work, and completed projects can be emailed or shared via hyperlink.

  • Diigo - Social bookmarking encourages discovery, collaboration, and sharing

  • Edmodohas the look and feel of Facebook with the educational perspective…polls, assignments, a gradebook, and now quizzes

  • EduBlog - easy blogging for education

  • Formative - Superb real-time assessment tool fit for BYOD, 1-to-1

  • GeoGebra - dynamic math for teaching and learning

  • Glogster EDU - A student FAVE! Lets them express, share and discuss ideas in unique, creative ways. Besides, it is just plain fun!

  • Haiku Deck - Sparse word use and high-impact visuals help focus presentations

  • Jumprope - FREE Online grader for Teachers!

  • Kaizena -Make feedback count, save time assessing digital work on Google Drive

  • KidBlog - safe and simple blogs for your students

  • Poll Everywhere - bring in mobile devices into the classroom to access student knowledge during discussion

  • Prezi - Stylish presentation creator with a unique 3D zooming effect

  • ProjectEd - Aspiring filmmakers converge to create video content for the classroom

  • Quizlet - Create and study virtual flashcards on any subject

  • SketchUp - Make learning meaningful through 3-D design

  • SlideShare - Share already-made docs, video, and more with classic presentation tool

  • StoryBird - Another free, web-based application, StoryBird allows students to read, write, and collaborate on digital picture books. Thousands of illustrations have been
    contributed to this online community, and all authors can integrate them into
    their written pieces. Completed stories can printed as books and shared via the

  • VoiceThread -is a great Web-based digital storytelling program that enables users to upload pictures or documents, record accompanying audio (or video) commentary, and invite others to record commentary as well. Its simple combination of visual and recorded media is perfect for creating multimedia presentations in a relatively short time frame using simple tools. With VoiceThread teachers and students can create virtual tours, report on books they've read, comment on historicallysignificant photographs, debate a topic, and more. Its uniqueness lies in theease in which audio commentary can added to images and documents and the abilityto add multiple commentaries to a single artifact.

  • VOKI - a great way to have students share their knowledge of a topic in 60 seconds or less using a computer generated avatar

ELL Websites
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