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Let us say, "Welcome to the new site!"

You obviously came here because you heard about all of the awesome apps we review and share! Since everyone is settled in finally, we are going to talk about some great apps you can use year-round to help with classroom management, communication, and time management. Here goes...

This great app is available for free in the iTunes App Store. Who wants to text students these days? EVERYBODY, DUH! Seriously, these days it's just not safe to hand out phone numbers like that (either yours or theirs!). Remind allows you to send texts from your computer or app (iOs & Android) to all of your students who "sign up" . Students sign up by texting to a special number that's been generated for your class by Remind. Students then get a reply from the generic number saying they are signed up to receive alerts! By far the easiest way to get the "TEST TOMORROW" message out without anyone knowing your actual number and you don't have to keep up with theirs!

See what Remind is all about by clicking the video below! (Credit:, Tabitha Carro)

Now, now. Don't be scared of the Twitter. Tweeting (as long as you don't tweet craziness) can be an awesome way to communicate with your students and their parents. I know one teacher that tweets all of the homework assignments once a week and that's all she uses it for. She gets all of her students to follow her, but that is the ONLY thing she uses that account for. Now if you want to rant about the cafeteria lunch menu, you might want to post that on a personal account. Lunch ladies have feelings too, people...jus' saying.

Here are some useful twitter tips: (Credit:, Chris Haskell)

Classroom Management in a bottle. Wow, that would be a cool trick! Well, in a flat glass touch panel maybe! ClassDojo allows you to create behavior plans, manage student goals, and keep track of behavior (both good and bad!). Now if they can get it to give out popsicles for good behavior, I'm IN!

Click the picture below to see a great video of it in action!

Yes, I know it's early, but it's best to start this as early in the year as possible! This app allows students to blog in a teacher created account (no kid email required!). Teacher moderation is a MUST! But that's covered since you can set the blog to hold all posts until you have reviewed them. That way no body posts craziness on your class blog. You could allow parents to repsond to their child's posts also. You can even blog with other classrooms in your school, in the district, or in the WORLD!

The video featured below will help you get started in minutes! (Credit:, Mark Barnes)

Credits:, Mark Barnes,, kidblog,, Remind101, Class Dojo,,, Chris Haskell, EdTech

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